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Our Company

Our company deals with construction under special orders. Importance is given to detail, quality and aesthetics with aim to satisfy even the most demanding customer. 

Also is able to respond and meet the complex design requirements imaginative designers making unique structures. 

Sfikouris Carpenter Ltd, is now working for many years, with office furniture, especially large organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Abacus, the Regus etc. Manufactures offices and libraries in special projects upon request.

In this area for complete satisfaction of our clients, we work with FARAM Italy. 


Our company manufactures cabinets to suit every requirement and taste. Cabinets with doors hinged bolt lock with glass or aluminum, they offer investors the ability to adapt himself to separate the internal storage space, depending on their needs.
Used parts with the most comfortable high standards for functionality and durability. 

The company carpenter Sfikouris Ltd with high expertise, manufactures internal and external doors, hinged or sliding and pivot.

The excellent quality and guaranteed functionality are the characteristics regardless of the complexity that distinguishes them. Kitchens manufactured by our company, fully meet the requirements of even the most difficult clients with specialized and intricate designs and scarce materials. Kitchen Modern and classic designs, made with care and attention, beautiful and functional rejoiced to have in your space and use. 

The company operates efficiently and in manufacturing ceilings and partitions fully equiped and modern technology.

Our partner in this field, are FARAM Italy.

Interior Design

In this area for complete satisfaction of our clients, we work with various inrerior designers.

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